Well, this is certainly taking longer than I thought it would. I had read how recovery from rotator cuff surgery will take some time, but I think something is different about my journey. Of course, every person is unique and each person will follow a different healing path. Somehow, though, this isn’t exactly how I thought it would turn out.

I’m still struggling to get my arm moving. My physical therapist tells me that most patients are seeing a pretty decent range of motion in the repaired arm in about 3 months, or so. Well, as you’ll note by the date on this blog post, it’s been right at that and I’m here reporting that such is not my experience!

My pain levels are substantially higher, for a longer period of time, than most patients. My range of motion is significantly limited right from the average patient’s progress, and I must admit that discouragement sets in quite easily at times. It’s quite difficult to understand and the doctor hasn’t had any specific answers.

No one is giving up. I’m just frustrated right now.

Apologies for none of this being related to strengths, talents, and all that. I just knew it had been a while since I had chimed in here and I thought something was better than nothing. I’ll try to get back on topic in my next post.