The shoulder continues to be a problem, but I didn’t expect miraculous results since just two weeks ago. To keep that part of this blog post brief, I’ll simply share that I’m building up scar tissue faster than physical therapy is able to overcome it. it’s going to be a long, long road ahead.

But, to get back to a focus on strengths I was going to write up something to explain what the “positive psychology movement” is all about. I thought you might enjoy reading a little bit about how Don Clifton approached his research and how it was different than most psychological research. Then, I read an incredible article that explained it better than I ever could. So, at the risk of losing my readership, I’m going to point you to an outside article, again.

Check out this wonderfully written explanation of positive psychology by Tim Simon, a Learning and Development Consultant at Gallup:

The Little Lights are Not Twinkling