If you knew my talent themes very well, you could probably easily explain why I have had such a difficult time keeping this blog going. My top 5 themes are:

  • Intellection – a Strategic Thinking domain-based theme
  • Responsibility – an Executing domain-based theme
  • Connectedness – a Relationship Building domain-based theme
  • Learner – a Strategic Thinking domain-based theme
  • Input – a Strategic Thinking domain-based theme

I look at those themes and realize that my natural, go-to behaviors are not Influencing. They’re not even relationship building, really. My Connectedness theme shows up in my life more through connecting ideas, information, things, and even people in networks. It does not show up in my life to strongly support the creation & development of connections with people.  So, writing this blog has not been a high priority for me in the past, as evidenced by the very sporadic entries.

Well, I’m going to call on my Responsibility theme to obligate myself to be more diligent at writing. I’d like to share my experiences with CliftonStrengths, how my own talent themes show up in my life, how the talent themes of others show up in their lives, and how my journey working with them through coaching and other interactions is having an impact on both them and me.

So, please know that this is not really an apology for not writing more in the past. It is a public declaration of doing more writing in the future. Here goes . . .