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Michael McCleve is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach who loves leadership and is passionate about helping others develop their skills & abilities.

Coaching Focused On You

Question: What do model railroading, a wife and four kids, a passion for developing leaders, and a deep commitment to strengths-based improvement all have in common?

Answer: Michael McCleve, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

Education & Experience

After completing his B.A. in Philosophy at Brigham Young University, Michael found a place for his personal passion for leadership in the field of college student affairs and earned his M.S. in Education at Indiana University. He has written a thesis on the subject of leader development and completed more than 70 credit hours of coursework in the field of leadership studies.

He has spent more than 20 years in multiple professional positions, some in education and some in business, helping others to become better leaders. He lives for the moment when the fire of purpose lights up in someone else’s eyes and the passion of leading ignite in another’s soul. He currently works full-time as the Associate Director for Leadership at James Madison University, as well as coaching clients to help them more effectively use their strengths.

Coaching Philosophy

Michael completed his Strengths Coaching certification in late 2017. His innate ability to learn intensely and think deeply are powerful talents he applies to every coaching client’s needs. He loves to analyze challenges, ask thought-provoking questions, and accept personal responsibility for helping you improve. He will help you identify areas of improvement, figure out ways to face your challenges through the use of your own strengths, and identify future opportunities for growth.

His experience raising four children to adulthood successfully (as marked by all of them living happily on their own and still choose to come and visit!), helps him recognize the everyday challenges of life. His volunteer work with the Boy Scouts of America and the lay ministry of his church bring integrity and a trusting character to the coaching environment.

Serving You

Choose in-person coaching sessions,  online virtual coaching connections, or virtual email support options. Whatever your choice, Michael puts you first as you explore your Strengths results, internalize them, and identify how to apply them in your life.

One last thing . . . Throughout all the years of his professional life Michael has always been frustrated seeing only the few at the top, or the specially chosen, have the privilege of personal coaching. So, he approaches Strengths Coaching by focusing on the everyday person. Maybe you’re the manager of a small team, or a volunteer non-profit. Maybe you’re a small business owner, or just someone who wants to know more using your Strengths. Michael’s casual, informal coaching style, and the pricing of his services, are made to work with, and for, you.

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