Leadership Strengths

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a number of different workshops, training sessions, and webinars hosted by Gallup. I’ve interacted with a number of different facilitators and experts from their organization so that I could better understand Strengths, the Strengths philosophy, and how I can use that to help others become better leaders.

On one particular occasion, during a Strengths workshop I was attending with a Gallup Strengths expert, I heard it said that part of Gallup’s original hope for their research was to figure out the perfect set of leadership strengths that were needed for individuals to become the absolute best leaders they could possibly become. If they could just dial in on the right strengths, teach people to maximize them, then we could have a dramatic impact on society through these perfectly tuned leaders.

There was only one problem: through all of the data gathered, the evidence examined, and the research conducted, Gallup found out there was no perfect set of leadership strengths. In spite of identifying thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of talents and strengths, Gallup’s research did not identify which of them were the right ones for leaders to possess. There just simply was not a perfect set of strengths themes for leaders.

Instead, what they found out was that the best leaders didn’t all share some secret set of similar strengths. Instead, the best leaders discovered their own unique set of strengths, worked hard at getting better at them, and then used them as often as they possibly could. That turned out to be the “secret formula” for leadership success.