Frequently Asked Questions

“If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.”

– W. Edwards Deming

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching may be new for you. You may have a few questions. Read through the answers below and if you still have questions, just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Why do I need a coach, can’t I just buy the Clifton Strengths assessment on my own?

Yes, you can buy the Clifton Strengths assessment on your own. And, yes, you will get your results right away. However, fully interpreting, understanding, and knowing how to apply those results can make all the difference. If you’re like me the first time I took the assessment without coaching, training, or further education, you’ll probably buy the assessment and then read through the results on your own. You’ll be surprised at how accurate they are and then you’ll file the report away somewhere, forgetting all about it in a few short weeks. The real opportunity to grow, develop, and truly find your unique path to excellence may never be realized.

What will coaching do for me?

Invest in yourself,” everyone says. But that’s not something that can be done flying solo. Remember, the fish is the last one to learn about water. You need an outside perspective, someone who can be objective, see it from another angle. That’s when you can tap into your true potential, your true power. That’s what coaching will do for you.

Can I see a sample report?

Sure! Just click here to take a look at one version of the report you’ll get when you complete the Clifton Strengths assessment.

How does coaching work?

Three simple steps:

  1. Take the Clifton Strengths assessment. When you sign up for caoching with Michael, he will send you a unique, personalized access code, and instructions to complete the assessment.
  2. Get your results. You will have immediate access to your results after you complete the assessment. Feel free to look through them right away.
  3. Set up your first coaching conversation with Michael. You will receive instructions on how to make an appointment that fits your schedule so you can set up a Skype call, or a Facetime chat, or a Google Hangouts session.

Each coaching session will focus on you, your needs, your questions, and your interests. You may find yourself doing most of the talking as Michael’s style emphasizes asking questions and letting you take the conversation where it needs to go.

What if I am not satisfied? Is there a money-back guarantee?

You have a right to feel comfortable and secure when you spend your money for coaching. Michael offers a 100% money-back guarantee for every coaching session he does. Simply get in touch with him to explain the problem. He’ll ask you a few questions so he can learn what went wrong and fix it for the next customer, but you’ll get your money back. It’s guaranteed!

Can I talk to past customers?

None of Michael’s past clients have volunteered to be a reference. If you really want to get in touch with one, contact Michael through the form at the bottom of the page and let him know. He’ll try and set something up for you to be able to get in touch with a past client.

What’s the difference between the Strengths Results session and the Coaching sessions?

The basic Strengths Results session is an entry level experience. Michael will spend 45 minutes with you in a “face-to-face” conversation helping you understand just exactly what your report means and how you can use the results in your life.

The different Coaching sessions described on the Personalized Coaching page will each be 45-60 minutes long. Each one provides depth, and greater understanding of the Strengths-based approach to productivity, relationships, and excellence. Michael will explore the concepts, principles, and key practices you will have at your disposal through the application and use of your unique Strengths themes.

In short, the Strengths Results session is a one-time, basic introduction, overview, and insight into your Strengths report and results. The Personalized Coaching sessions provide opportunities to explore and better understand your results so you can apply them to enjoy a better quality of life.

Can I start with the basic Strengths Results session and then add on, or upgrade to future coaching sessions?

ABSOLUTELY! Michael gives a 60% credit for any previous purchases you have made. Here’s how it works:

Let’s presume you purchased the basic Strengths Results session for $47 and then wanted to do 3 Personalized Coaching sessions with Michael at some time in the future. You would get a 60% credit of your original $47 purchase price, or $28.20 towards the purchase of those 3 coaching sessions. So, you would only pay $48.8 for the additional coaching.

If you have any questions about how this would work with other purchases, just drop Michael a line using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

What if I still have a question?

Just fill out the form below and let Michael know!