Strengths Results Coaching Session


One, 45-minute Strengths coaching session with Michael to review your CliftonStrengths results and understand how to apply your Strengths to relationships, professional goals, or personal challenges. Includes purchase of the CliftonStrengths assessment.


The Strengths Results Coaching Session will help you:

  • Learn the uniqueness of your Strengths themes and what makes you stand out
  • Understand fundamental concepts of the Strengths-based development philosophy
  • Gain Insight into the power & edge of your Strengths themes and see how you are already using them in your life
  • Be Inspired & Empowered with a greater understanding of your potential for excellence and identify ways you can use your Strengths to improve your productivity

During the 45-minute session you will speak directly with Michael, review your CliftonStrengths assessment results, and gain a strong foundation for understanding how you can apply your results to your relationships, professional goals, and personal challenges.

The purchase price includes:

  • Access to Videos and other resources to help you learn the basics
  • Scheduled Appointment during a time that is convenient for you
  • Purchase of the Clifton Strengths assessment


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