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Testimonials & Satisfied Clients

“Recently I have had the good fortune to have several coaching sessions with Michael. Our conversations were rich and meaningful learning experiences for me, and I didn’t want the sessions to end. I highly recommend Michael to those seeking to take action to become more effective at work and, ultimately, to be expertly guided to move toward the career (and life) that they most value.”

Bob Kolodinsky, PhD

Professor, James Madison University

The first time I was ever in a professional role I acted out of fear. I traded my humorous, laid-back, positive attitude for one that was more stiff and formal, because that’s how I thought professionals were supposed to act. For the first few months, I was miserable. Not only did I feel lousy and exhausted at the end of every day, but my negative energy of trying to be someone I wasn’t started spreading. When I got my mid-year evaluation back, the comments were less than positive. Then, I started strengths coaching sessions with Michael and I began really learning about my strengths. He challenged me to bring them into my job to see what would happen. I brought in my positivity and wasn’t afraid to let others on the team see my optimistic self. I also love having informal conversations with people (my communication theme at work) so I let down my guard and began to just have fun conversations with them. Shortly after implementing my strengths into my daily work life, a huge change began to occur. Others I worked with began to increase their trust in me, so they opened up and relied on me more. I no longer felt drained and sad at the end of every day, in fact the opposite occurred and I felt pretty great when I went home. My second evaluation came back and the comments were much more positive! I even felt like I had more balance in my life. When I first started my job, I was so focused on what I lacked and tried to bring that into my life. However, as Michael helped me see how I could drop that plan and begin living through my strengths, my whole life turned around for the better.

Jess Keck

University Program Board Graduate Assistant, JMU

Michael McCleve has been one of the biggest catalysts for the growth I have experienced in the past few years. I walk away from each of our conversations with invaluable new truths about myself, my strengths, and my leadership. His emphasis on working from a strengths perspective is evident in how he guides conversations and also how he lives his life. It has truly been a privilege to learn and grow with Michael, and I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to work with him.

Amy Lebrecht

Past President, Student Ambassadors

For most of my life I focused on fixing my weaknesses in order to become a well-rounded person. Well this was until Michael showed me the incredible power of strengthening my strengths. Ever since Michael taught me the Strengths philosophy I am now more confident, efficient, and just flat out happier. I now utilize my strengths to overcome any challenge or obstacle that comes in my path. Michael is deeply passionate about Strengths and his passion  is contagious.”

Matt Harrell

Conference Director, Dux Leadership Center

“I have always been my toughest critic in areas of weakness. I used to spend countless hours fixating on my mistakes and trying to find ways to correct them. Whether it was in my academics, extracurriculars, or personal life, the amount of time I spent harping on these errors was unhealthy and inconclusive. Under Michael’s guidance using the Clifton Strengths philosophy, I quickly came to understand how the same amount of time spent fixing my errors could be used to achieve excellence in areas I am already interested in. I highly recommend Michael’s coaching sessions to anyone who is truly seeking to reach excellence in their endeavors.”

Dion Gray

LEAD Team Consultant, Dux Leadership Center